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Inthar Heritage House

Inthar Heritage House is a reconstruction of founder Yin Myo Su's childhood home, accented with traditional Myanmar decorations too rarely seen in Inle's homes today.

These days, carpenters and ironsmiths forego this work for higher paying jobs and leave their heritage craft behind.

The Inthar Heritage house was built using reclaimed wood in traditional Inthar style to honor Yin Myo Su's grandparents' home in Nyaung Shwe.

The carpenter, Lat Tha Mar rebuilt the intricate details of village homes around Inle Lake, using techniques handed down to him.

Construction took almost nine months.

On 27 October 2009, the home was completed and blessed by local Buddhist monks. Today, it is filled with the old furniture, photos and books from Yin Myo Su's own childhood.