Conserve Water

Wastewater Management

Inle Lake's tourism growth has encouraged villagers to move closer to the lake.

However, the increase in farming and population has led to chemical fertilisers and toxic substances flowing into the lake water.

We have pioneered a natural wastewater system to mitigate some of this risk. Staggered pools uses gravity and hydroponic plants to clean grey water before it flows back into the lake. Because it is powered by plants, it is cheap, low maintenance and easy to replicate. The goal is to grow take-up as a sustainable model around the lake.

How it works

Two ponds covered in plants where the wastewater gets clean. Toilet waste (blackwater) is seperated from all other wastewater (greywater). Greywater gets filtered in Pond 1’s sand and stones before moving into Pond 2. Both ponds have plants that turn the pollutants into minerals, and then the resulting clean water gets returned to the lake.

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Our Impact

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