Minimize Waste

Waste Management

At Inle Heritage, we practice proper waste separation and encourage others to do the same. We enjoy gathering the community to pick up trash because it makes our lake more beautiful.

Careless littering doesn't just make the lake look bad, but it creates serious health risks. The arrival of global consumer products and plastics has created poor waste habits in our community. A generation ago, the lake's small population and biodegradable waste meant less garbage being thrown on the ground and clogging the lake. All of the waste threatens the lake's wildlife, spoils its beauty and encourages disease.

Our Impact

Inle Heritage hosts waste clean-up days to get our community involved with our mission. On site, we reuse wood as often as possible and send all paper, bottles and cans to be recycled in Nyaung Shwe. Kitchen waste and garden waste are composted and reused as fertiliser in our gardens.

Since August 2017, 3, 837 kilograms of waste have been collected and composted. Our official Impact Report is coming soon.

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