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Hospitality Vocational Training Centre

Established in 2013, Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Center (IHHVTC) is the leading hospitality training school in the region. It teaches vocational skills with a student-centered approach to dedicated students who cannot otherwise access this training.

Each year, IHHVTC funds 40 students to attend our program. Students hail from all over Myanmar, and many go on to become entrepreneurs, managers and teachers.

Meeting A Need for Innovation

Vocational training is a great alternative for youngsters who may not be suited for classroom learning, couldn't pass high school exams, or have to stop school to support their families. By learning job-related skills they have another chance to succeed.

Funding A Free Education

The vocational school is funded by Inle Heritage's business. The accommodation, restaurant, cooking school and gift shop generate enough income to support IHHVTC. The students gain first-hand experience working in these functions for hands-on training.

Teaching a well-rounded curriculum

Each student studies a major subject, English language and General Knowledge. General Knowledge sessions consist of lectures and workshops that provide the students with a wide range of topics such as leadership, sustainable development, and active citizenship.

What They Learn

Each student chooses a major from: Food & Beverage Service, Food Production, Housekeeping & Laundry, Front Office & Reservation. They learn theory in the classroom and put their skills to practice at our restaurant and Stilted Houses.

Every Friday, we have General Knowledge sessions where we invite a leader from an NGO or business to share their experiences and inspire the students. Previous speakers have included Cho Lei Aung of Tree Food, Fulbright Scholar Jayde Roberts and Dr.Tin Mar Aung, the former personal assistant of Aung San Suu Kyi.

School Life

Between classes and practical training, the students have full schedules during their 10 months at IHHVTC. One month is an internship at a hotel in Inle Lake, Bagan, Yangon and Naypyitaw. Hotels like M-Gallery Hotel and Kempinski Hotel in Naypyitaw, Belomnd Governor’s Residence, The Strand Hotel and Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon. In their free time, the staff and students partipate in holiday activities, games, community work and monthly birthday parties. There is also an annual alumni gathering of teachers and students. At the end of the training, we host a job fair for hotels and restaurants to recruit our students.

Students get a taste of the “real world” with a Guest Experience early in their training, in September or October. Each student spends one night in Inle Heritage’s Stilt Houses and has dinner at the restaurant. Our philosophy is that students must know a customer’s perspective to give the best possible service. By the end, they feel humbled and ready to learn more.

As of 2018, there are more than 200 students from all around Myanmar.

Meet our Principal

Our principal Aung Phyoe Min knew the value of education from an early age. It was his physics teacher who introduced him to the hospitality industry at age 16. Today, he teaches students how to use reservation systems and develop communication skills.

“For me, teaching is like an intangible donation. Education is an invaluable gift that I am sharing with my students about my life experiences. I am lucky.”, he said.