Inle Heritage's non-profit initiatives are currently 100% supported by our business revenue.

Inle Heritage Foundation is comprised of: a vocational school, private school, garden, fish, cats, waste and wastewater management. We are proud to create future leaders in the hospitality industry and develop sustainable practices for the next generation.

We believe in creating measurable impact. This shows what our community of staff, students and visitors give back to the environment and neighbouring villages. It teaches the next generation how to live sustainably and with respect for our heritage.

The best way to support Inle Heritage is to visit us and have a good time.

We have set up businesses around things you like doing, like buying local handicrafts, eating homemade food and sleeping on stilts on the lake. Come help us save Inle Lake’s nature and culture.

This year, we’ve covered 100% of our not-for-profit initiatives with our business. However, to ensure their continuing impact and to grow more quickly, we need your help!

We would like to thank our partners for their continued support:


Make an impact.

Our Projects

We keep our heritage alive by sharing out knowledge and living sustainably.


We believe investing in our youth with education will build generations of independent thinkers. Our vocational and private school are alternative, progressive programs that pass on an appreciation for sustainability and heritage.


Build bright futures

Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Centre

We have trained over 200 students from all over Myanmar over the past 5 years.


Educate the young

Inle Heritage Private School

We give students a progressive, holistic education to develop critical thinking skills and appreciation for heritage and sustainability.


As families pass down traditions, some stories get forgetten and the ways of doing are lost forever. We preserve our lake's cultural heritage with Inthar traditional architecture, food and photographs. Our team has produced media that shares our stories with new audiences around the world.


Celebrate Local Architecture

Inthar Heritage House

Since 2009, Inthar Heritage House has been a tribute to the gorgeous traditional Inthar-style design.


Images Birmanes


Rare and unpublished photographs of Burma during the British colonisation in the nineteenth century. Hundreds of images of everyday life, dancer's memories and the elegant women of the Burmese aristocracy.


Discover Inle Heritage



The lake is the community's main source of income and survival. Our aim is to conserve the wildlife and educate the community about earth-friendly habits. By practicing waste management, reintroducing Burmese cats and educating people about endemic fish, we hope to sustain Inle lake's natural beauty.


Treat water well

Wastewater management

Our sustainable wastewater management system uses plant-life to send 8,400 gallons of clean water back into the lake every day.


Less waste

Waste management

We composted 3,837 kg of waste since August 2017. We also host community clean-up projects to keep our lake waste-free.


Better lake farming


Our garden grows over 20 types of fresh produce to GAP standards for use in our restaurant and cooking school.


Save the fish


Our aquarium features over 10 endemic fish species (out of the 17 existing) that are only found in Inle Lake and explains to visitors everything we know about them.


Bring back Burmese cats

Burmese Cat Sanctuary

Since 2009, we haved cared for and responsibly bred over 40 Burmese cats that we reintroduced to Myanmar.

Make an impact today.