Reintroducing Burmese Cats


Let Phyu Ley and her family of repatriated pure-breed Burmese cats show you their island home.


The Burmese cat breed may have existed in Myanmar for over 1000 years. They were recorded as royal pets and temple or monastery cats. Indeed when King Thibaw’s kingdom fell to the British, he was said to keep 40 ‘copper cats’ in his palace.


The breed was protected until late 19th and early 20th century by Burma’s relative isolation, but interbreeding with outside breeds during the colonial period led to the disappearance of pure breeds in Myanmar before the second world war.


Luckily, several cats were taken back to breeders in the UK and America in the early 20th century. These included Wong Mau, the famous progenitor of all American Burmese cats. From these exiled pure breeds came all modern Burmese cats, including ours.


Inle Heritage initiated its pioneering project to reintroduce Burmese cats to the country started in 2008, with advice and support from the China Exploration & Research Society, a Yunnan-based NGO focusing on environmental and cultural conservation.


Our breeding programme began with three British bred and four Australian bred pedigree cats. We have currently grown the Myanmar Burmese Cat population to over 40 cats.


From their origins as court attendants, they have now become Inle Heritage’s royalty, cared for and waited on hand and paw.

  • Phyu Ley is the most free-spirited feline you will encounter in the village. She loves going out on adventures and meeting people. Stroke her belly and she's all yours.

    Phyu Ley “The Escapist”


    Female, Almost 3 years old

  • Tay Tay Lay is the only lilac colored cat in the village. She may act like a queen but she‘s good with following orders.

    Tay Tay Lay “The Queen”


    Female, 13 months old

  • Thar-O spends his time wandering about the outside world and seldom manage to escape the village. But when he sees little sibling lost outside the village he gently ushers them to safety.

    Thar O “The Big Brother”


    Male, 3 years old

  • You’ll spot Blue easily as she’s the first cat to climb on your shoulders. She almost died during birth that left her right eye blind but darkness never stopped her from embracing life.

    Blue “The Jumper”


    Female, 3 years old

  • Puto is a sensitive young soul. She could be the sweetest girl in the village but once you touch her tail all hell breaks lose.

    Puto “The Jumper”


    Female, 2 1/2 years old

  • If Apochi can speak, he’ll yell “Get out of my lawn!” He has streaks of white hair to compliment his aura. He is not a fan of new comers but when you find his soft spot, you’ll have a great time with him.

    Apochi “Bitter Old Man”


    Male, age unknown

  • Barbie is Ma Chaw Su’s baby but the mother of the feline family. She grew up watching Barbie cartoons and got its name from it. Barbie won first prize in a cat contest in Yangon.

    Barbie “The Mother”


    Female, 2 years old

  • Doctor Cat has the middle child syndrome. Like all middle children, he just wants to be loved. He’s always misunderstood and judged. Except when a Doctor from Germany visited and instantly fell in love with him. He said he will come back for him in October.

    Doctor Cat “The Misunderstood”


    Male, 2 years old

  • Broken tail has the wisdom of all cats combined. She’s one of the first feline in the village. Pacify her by rubbing her belly and she will fall into your arms instantly.

    Broken Tail “Wisdom Cat”


    Female, 6 years old

Cat Island


Our cats are free to roam over their spacious home including Cat island and a large part of the downstairs of Inthar Heritage House.


Toys, scratching posts and platforms are available inside, and the cats have their own huts and larger house on the island, should they want a little privacy.

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Our team works hard every day to ensure our cats are comfortable, cared for and unstressed.


The cats are fed dietary supplements to ensure the right nutrition and have regular visitation by our vet.

All non-breeding cats are neutered and receive the requisite jabs as standard, and breeding males are kept in a separate enclosure.


If you are a qualified professional with reliable practical information to support the care and conditions we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are always keen to find loving Burmese homes for our spayed and neutered cats, and doubtless most of our cats would love to have their own place.

If you choose to adopt one of our family, you will be helping us repatriate Burmese cats. But it also means taking on a large and constant responsibility.


Any potential adopter goes through a careful vetting process. Before you apply, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Am I willing and able to share 20 years with a cat?

Can I provide a safe and stress free environment?

Can I keep the cat current with vaccines?

Do I have the means to afford veterinary care when needed?

Will I spend time each day with my cat?

Do I know the basics of cat care?

If you stand by these answers then please get in touch to begin your application.

Please note that non-Myanmar adopters are asked to make a small contribution to the project.