Building hospitality futures


Every year we sponsor around 40 dedicated young students from the region, as well as from farther afield, looking for a better future in hospitality.

Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Centre (IHHVTC) was established in 2013. It is the leading hospitality training provider in the region, teaching transferable and sector-specific skills to dedicated students who lack the means to enter the industry.

We admit students between the ages of 17-23 from across all of Myanmar, but with a special emphasis on the Inle Region.

Applicants are decided on the basis of merit and suitability alone. No application is rejected on the basis of gender, race, religion or financial means.

We provide full-board accommodation for every student, and should you feel money will be a constraint, please contact us about our bursaries and scholarships.Please note that this scholarship does not cover personal expenses.

  • In the future, I will try to be a good employee and good daughter for my parents.

    Ma Pann Moh Moh Aung, 17


  • I am trying hard to become a chef to work at a hotel and continue my education.

    Mg Nyi Htut, 18

    Southern Shan State

  • I want to work in a famous hotel, and eventually open my own restaurant or bakery in Taunggyi.

    Nyein Chan, 22


  • After 10 years I want to have the savings and service experience to open my own fashion shop.

    Mg Tan Kee Shell, 17

    Southern Chin State

  • I feel like there is opportunity in tourism now, so I am trying to become a front office manager.

    Mg Kyaw Thet Naing, 18

    Nyaung Shwe

  • In the future, I would like to be successful working at the front desk in a hotel business.

    Ma Nang Laung Khay, 22


  • After this, I will study for an English degree; I want to be the best tour guide.

    Ma Nyein Pyi Sone, 19

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I want to be a service provider at a hotel afterwards, and look after my family with the salary I get.

    Mg Khaing Myael Thway, 19


  • I want to start working up the hotel ladder when I finish. My main goal is to make Shan food popular.

    Mg Zaw Hlaing Myo, 22


  • I want to go to university. If I work in hotels to pay for my studies, I don’t have to spend my parent’s income.

    Ma Htwae Htwale Linn, 17



  • With the experience I get here I will go on a ship and try to become a chef.

    Mg Thu Nyan, 21



  • One day, when I have graduated, I want to open a bake house that serves cakes and drinks.

    Ma Khan Hwan, 17

    Man Gyi Sin Village

  • I will try to be a good housekeeping employee. I hope to work at a hotel in Inle to improve this region.

    Ma Ei Cho Linn, 18

    Hae Kham Oo Village, Inle

  • I will work at a hotel after this and help support my family.

    Nan Htet Ye Aung, 19

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I would like to work at Max hotel in Yangon and one day be renowned in the hospitality sector.

    Mg Myat Min Thway, 19


  • I will try to work in my major, Front Office. When I have a stable life, I want to give back with voluntary work.

    Mg Thi Han Saw, 23

    Kachin State

  • I will work in the hotel business and one day be a singer.

    Mg Wai Bone Kyaw, 16

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I dream of being a famous chef and teaching the next generation, especially in remote areas.

    Mg Si Thu Win, 22


  • I want to learn to be a great chef, teach others and to make my parents happy.

    Ma Chit Moe Swe, 17


  • I am working to become a front office manager or a national guide.

    Mg Kyaw Zayar Tun, 17

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I want to do something good for my country with this knowledge, I want to teach.

    Ma War War Naing, 18

    Ywa Ngan Township (Myin Kyadoe)

  • I want to become a famous hotel chef or a tour guide who can travel the world.

    Ma Nang Khin Hla, 20

    Nyaung Shwe

  • My dream is to open a restaurant in Pyin Oo Lwin, serving traditional and international food with good service and decoration.

    Ma Cho Cho Nyein Maung, 17

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I would work at any hotel, famous or not, and one day get to study abroad and come back to Myanmar to help.

    Mg Wai Yan Aung, 17

    Northern Shan State

  • Hotels in foreign countries inspire me, I would like to work in one when I am 30.

    Mg Linn Wai Lyan Waing, 17

    Pintaya Township

  • If I can work abroad and save, maybe I can open a small hotel one day.

    Ma Nang Kham Pan, 17

    Know Hein Township

  • Working in a hotel can allow me to pay for my studies to get a bachelor degree.

    Mg Than Htet Kyaw, 16


  • I can be a good service provider in a hotel, so that I can study abroad and support my family.

    Ma Waso Moe, 17

    Nyaung Shwe

  • At a good hotel, maybe somewhere abroad, I can earn enough to look after my parents.

    Ma Nay Nay Htwe, 18

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I’m trying to understand all of hospitality. I want to work abroad and connect with the whole world.

    Mg Win Naing, 18

    Pin Laung Township

  • I hope to be a language expert, travel, and one day open a hotel.

    Mg Khun Toe Aung, 17


  • I would be happy to work at a hotel after this, to pay for my further education and be a manager in the end.

    Ma Chaw Su Thet Htar, 17


  • Afterwards I will work hard as a trainee at a Yangon hotel, so that one day I can have my own restaurant.

    Mg Hein Htet Aung, 17


  • My goal is to be a good chef after taking the major here. When I am more experienced, I want to run my own hotel.

    Mg Htet Naing Win, 18

    Maw Chee

  • I know that if I can work in a hotel I can help my family.

    Ma Myat Noe Htwe, 18

    Myaung Gyi

  • I hope to work in housekeeping or production abroad where I can save money to start something here.

    Mg Nay Ye’ Tun, 20


  • I want to be the best service provider, and one day a GM.

    Mg Lwin Myo Thu, 18


  • If I can save up, I want to teach people in my own restaurant, and take care of my four brothers.

    Ma Mya Yee Pa Lae, 17

    Nyaung Shwe

  • I am majoring in F&B, which would let me create my dreams for real. I would like to thank all the teachers for letting me have this opportunity.

    Ma Aye Ei Ei Aung, 20

    Northern Shan State


This is supported by visiting teachers and industry experts. If you would like more information please contact us.

IHHVTC is supported by our socially responsible businesses so the best thing you can do to support it is to stay at Thahara Inle Heritage, eat at Inthar Heritage Restaurant, take a Cookery Course and pick up something at the Gift Shop.


If you are interested in providing a work placement for our next generation of Myanmar hospitality talent, or providing technical knowledge for our courses, please get in touch.