Inthar Cuisine

Cooking Class

Dive into an Inle culinary adventure and learn to cook as it was done by our grandparents.

Shan State is famous across Myanmar for its yummy dishes and distinct flavours. Classes are run as part of our social funding model, so what you pay goes toward our heritage work here in the Inle region.

Learn from chef Naing Win and get to know his team of passionate cooks. Together, you will pick vegetables and herbs from the garden to begin your culinary adventure.

Our cooking classes take you through our experiences of sourcing Inle ingredients, some exclusive to the lake, at local market. Then you will be learning to prepare real traditional dishes exclusive to the region either in our cooking classrooms or out as a guest in the real kitchen in the local community.

The classes are run as part of our social funding model. So what you pay helps fund our heritage work here in the Inle Region.

Learn how to cook our tastiest traditional dishes and
take home a rare skill to share with your friends.

Meet your chef

Naing Win trained under the award-winning Italian chef Ricky Rimenda at the five-star Atlantis resort in Dubai. He came back to Inle Lake to pass his cooking knowledge to his students. "Heritage is what we cannot touch; it is more important than the tangible. My grandmother's gems were sold for cash—but she taught me how to cook, clean, plant a garden and be self-sufficient."