Save the fish


Our aquarium features endemic and invasive fish, eel and turtles. It educates visitors about the lake's wildlife that is decreasing due to commercial fishing techniques and chemical run-off. We engage with the fishermen to devise solutions to protect Inle Lake's existence.

Together with our partner China Exploration and Research Society (CERS), we research the types of fish and wildlife in Inle Lake. We trace back their history and give our visitors all the information that we find.

Did you know that Inle Lake's first fish explorers came in the early 1900's? George Albert Boulenger was a Belgian-British zoologist who studied the fish collected by E. W. Oates, an English naturalist who collected the fish specimens. Since then, many more scientists have come to learn about these unique species.

Endemic Species

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Common Species

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Invasive Species

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Our Impact

Our aquarium has 10 endemic species. We stay up-to-date on the lake's endemic and invasive fish, and Chaw Su researches how to care for our fish when they're sick. We also made a database if you want to learn more. Take a look!

Online Fish Database