Building sustainability for
the next generation

Inle Heritage is a not-for-profit organization that preserves the nature and culture of Inle Lake
that is funded by our accommodation, restaurant, gift shop and cooking classes.

When you stay, eat, shop and learn at Inle Heritage,
you ensure our conservation projects continue to thrive

Stay in your own stilt house nestled in the heart of Inle Lake.

Surrounded by lush Shan hills, immerse yourself in Inle's culture and relax in our cozy rooms.

Inthar and Shan dishes created from time-honoured recipes.

Inspired by our grandmothers' homemade cooking, passed down from our ancestors and cooked with fresh ingredients from our garden.

Explore the famous Inthar cusine, from the garden to the kitchen.

Learn how to cook our tastiest traditional dishes and take home a rare skill to share with your friends.

You can bring our recipes home with you! Our cookbook was written with tidbits of local history and quotes from our grandmothers. Pre-order a copy before your trip.


Take home exceptional, hand-crafted goods that support local artisans from all over Myanmar.

All merchandise is sourced from social enterprises that advocate issues close to our heart, such as artisan and women empowerment, education and employment.

Want to cuddle with cats? Inle Heritage offers guided tours of our projects, including the beloved Burmese cat sanctuary. Reserve your spot today!

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It all began with seven adorable pure-bred Burmese cats that were brought from England and Australia. Today, the organization has grown to focus on the people, nature and culture of the whole region with heritage and conservation projects.

Inle Heritage Foundation's work currently includes vocational training and schools, good agricultural practices, aquatic life, Burmese cat breeding and water and waste management. We are proud to create future leaders and revive sustainable practices for the next generation.

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We believe investing in our youth with education will build generations of independent thinkers. Our vocational and private school are alternative, progressive programs that pass on an appreciation for sustainability and heritage.


As families pass down traditions, some stories get forgetten and the ways of doing are lost forever. We preserve our lake's cultural heritage with Inthar traditional architecture, food and photographs. Our team has produced media that shares our stories with new audiences around the world.


The lake is the community's main source of income and survival. Our aim is to conserve the wildlife and educate the community about earth-friendly habits. By practicing waste management, reintroducing Burmese cats and educating people about endemic fish, we hope to sustain Inle lake's natural beauty.